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Challenges in Medical and Pharmaceutical Logistics

Dulce > Blog > Challenges in Medical and Pharmaceutical Logistics

Dulce Courier Services (DCS) appreciates that the accuracy and speed of medical and pharmaceutical logistics can be the difference between life and death. This means that logistics companies must understand the regulations, understand unique needs for each shipment and utilize the latest technologies to meet their Clients’ demands.

Like all other logistics aspects, transportation of medical and pharmaceutical supplies is influenced by many factors which create various challenges in this industry. DCS has focused on the fundamental challenges affecting this industry and has also provided radical solutions to tackle them, here they are:

Climate Control

Approximately 15% of all medical and pharmaceutical products are unique in that they almost always must be climate controlled. DCS appreciates that keeping these products at the correct temperature is a challenge that is critical to helping medical patients maintain their health. Not only is it critical during the entire storage and but also during the distribution lifecycle of these products.

This creates a whole new problem when transporting small quantities of medical and pharmaceutical products that require temperature control. DCS has tackled this issue by developing motorbike courier services with temperature-controlled courier boxes which will ensure that all your medical and pharmaceutical products reach the end user swiftly and at the correct temperature with minimal charges.

Supply Chain Security

Medical and Pharmaceutical products are the second most expensive component of healthcare and therefore security of these products is critical. Today, there are various technologies that can ensure the security of shipments, allowing it to be tracked and traced throughout the shipping period. This type of security and tracking ensures that the vendor can determine the identity, whereabouts and authenticity of a product. DCS accords all packages with a unique tracking number allowing our clients with access to real-time data and metrics through our client platform. Additionally, all our shipments are tamper-proof sealed offering peace of mind to both the vendor and the end user.

Rise of eCommerce

The growth of ecommerce around the world is unstoppable, with double or even triple digit growth seen annually since its emergence in the mid-1990s. While this is great news, it presents challenges for the logistics of medical and pharmaceutical products where drugs may need to get directly to patients in smaller quantities. DCS is conscious of this shift in medicine and we are very keen on having close relationships with our Clients, offering flexible logistics solutions and developing last-mile delivery options.

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