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About Us

Our Little Story

Our Mission

To be our customer’s primary choice for provision of one stop logistics for ground-breaking and dependable services.

Our Vision

To revolutionize logistics by connecting lives, commerce and societies for a better tomorrow.

Our Values

Connect: We are dedicated in building long-term relationships; investing in insight to get to the heart of our customer’s challenges.

Succeed: We get every detail right, our dedication to quality is the cornerstone of your success and ultimately our success.

Thrive: We help our Clients’ thrive by delivering high quality services, efficiently, time and time again.

We Are a Registered National Courier Providing Logistic Services Across Kenya

We offer national courier service with various distribution facilities across the country. We have dedicated teams with over 10 years combined experience in this field.

Who are we?

We all know that change is constant, and in our current business world, the pace of change is increasing exponentially. In order to succeed in business, your organization pace of change needs to accelerate as well.  Our present business environment is changing our customer’ expectations, they now demand very high standards, immediate gratification and they can’t afford to be bogged down in processes or hierarchies. Well, that’s why we’re here, to help your business evolve with these changing times. Dulce Courier Services provide efficient courier services with specialized handling ensuring that your all your packages are delivered efficiently and in sound condition.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Logistics

• Transport of Blood
• Blood Products and Tissue Samples
• Human Samples
• Human Donor Milk
• Surgical Instruments
• Medical and Pharmaceutical Products

Food and Beverage Logistics

• Transport of temperature sensitive meat, frozen foods, dairy products, wines etc.
• Transport of fresh farm produce.
• Transport of all types of baked products
• Transport of all types of beverages
• Transport of soil, food and beverage product samples for laboratory testing

White Glove Logistics

• Transport of fragile items which require special packaging. They include but are not limited to glassware, laboratory materials, musical instruments, technological, computers and their accessories, marble, tiles, porcelain, optical instruments and valuable collectibles
• Transport of valuable and expensive equipment such as rare antiques, lighting fixtures, fine art, artwork etc.
• Transport of all types of specialty goods which require the ‘white-glove attitude’ such as wedding cakes, flowers, gifts etc.

Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Logistics Support

• Flexibility: We maintain flexible partnerships to help your business grow.
• Familiarity: We quickly learn about your business and adapt our resources to fall in line with your expectations.
• Scalability: We offer different payment models to help you choose the most economic route.
• Location: Our excellent transport links provides instant solutions keeping service our Clients’ costs down.

Errand and Concierge Services

• Delivery of tender submissions.
• Delivery of supplies.
• Personal shopping and returning items to the store.
• Pick up of medical and pharmaceutical prescriptions.
• Dry cleaning pick up and drop off.

Climate Controlled Logistics

Our transport fleet have been installed with state-of-the-art climate control equipment to ensure that all samples/products are transported at the correct temperature. All transport equipment is equipped with a data logger with online monitoring systems; monitor temperature of your samples/products in real time and assess the measurement values from anywhere.

Biohazard and Biosafety Training

All our staff undergo WHO approved training on Biohazards and Biosafety related to medical and pharmaceutical logistics. The content includes risks associated with handling medical samples/products; procedures for dealing with spillages and other accidents; instructions on the use of PPE; administrative measures such as documentation and recording of all incidents and accidents; contingency plans for implementation during breakdown or planned maintenance; etc.

Biosecurity Transport

We have dedicated medical and pharmaceutical vehicles/motorcycles used to move different medical samples/products from one location to the other. We have a sanitization SOP (clean, wash, disinfect and dry) for all vehicles/motorcycles that have delivered potential harmful samples/products thereby avoiding cross contamination. All our shipments are tamper-proof sealed offering peace of mind to both the vendor and the end user.

Secure Transport

DCS accords all packages with a unique tracking number allowing our clients with access to real-time data and metrics through our client platform. Additionally, all our shipments are tamper-proof sealed offering peace of mind to both the vendor and the end user.

Flexible Payment Options

Our customer service portal provides access to multiple payment options tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Additionally, our flexible payment schedule allows our clients to either pay instantly, choose other terms or a customized payment schedule with up to 1 month or extra time.

Registered Courier Service Provider

Our services are registered and regulated by the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK). Our registered office is on 7th Floor, Pine Tree Plaza, Kaburu Drive, Nairobi Kenya. All communication is channeled through our official line; +254 777 111 883.

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