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Importance Factors to Consider in Food and Beverage Logistics

Dulce > Blog > Importance Factors to Consider in Food and Beverage Logistics

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The transport of food and beverages implies much more than one might realize at first glance. It incorporates everything from meats, fruits, and vegetables of all types to various food ingredients. It can also come in several forms, including powders and tankers full of liquid. Food and beverage transportation safety is of supreme importance irrespective the type of food and beverage. However, and there are a few important factors that affect it:

Distance from source

Safe food and beverage transport can require multiple steps over very long distances and may involve diverse modes of travel along the way from the point of origin to the point of consumption. While some modes are relatively short-term, such as by plane or truck, others such a rail transport can take much longer. Minimizing the distance can go a long way to ensuring safe food transport, but that is not always possible.

Temperature Control

The problem with long distances can be mitigated by proper regulation of temperature. While some food and food ingredients may be transported at ambient temperatures, that is usually not the case, especially in hotter environments. More often to ensure safe transport of food it must be frozen, or at least refrigerated, to prevent the growth and spread of microorganisms such as staphylococcus, E. coli, and salmonella. Climate-Controlled Logistics (link to ‘climate-controlled logistics’ in the ‘About Us’ section) is one of the services DCS is proud to provide!


Issues with those same microorganisms can be intensified by other factors than temperature. Imagine raw meat being transported next to fresh produce and the danger that might pose. Cross-contamination can also occur even when a single food product is transported, however, and not even just from foodstuffs. There have been incidents of food transportation safety where food had been compromised by chemicals that had been transported just prior to food, including even supposedly helpful chemicals such as fungicides. Our Transport – Safety Measures please advise if it is acceptable to use such a link) are fully compliant with the Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act of Kenya


Training is the most important factor affecting food transportation safety, as it plays a significant role in each of the other factors. Those transporting food should be familiar with and able to comply with the Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act of Kenya. Training is also important in terms of both distance and temperature, especially in cases where, say, freezing temperatures are necessary over long distances and months.

Safe food transport is an issue that can easily affect thousands of people in Kenya but considering these aforementioned factors can improve that safety greatly. DCS offers Food and Beverage Logistics Solutions (link to ‘food and beverage logistics’ in the ‘Our Services’ section) compliant with the highest safety standards. Contact us to find out how we can put our experience to work for you.

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